Author of the Week: Rebecca Solnit

Call Them By Their True Names
Rebecca Solnit
9781608469468| $23.95 CAD
PB | 166 pp. | Available Now
Haymarket Books, distributed by PGC

You’ve probably heard of Rebecca Solnit. She’s the wry and insightful author of books like Men Explain Things to MeThe Mother of All Questions, and Hope in the Dark. Rebecca writes about topics we have trouble talking about—feminism, social change and insurrection, Western and Indigenous history, the environment—dissecting them and taking them from distant and convoluted to personal and comprehendible.

In her latest book, Call Them By Their True Names (which has already made the National Book Award Longlist), Rebecca discusses a wide range of topics that all lie at the heart of defining crises of the current era, from climate change to police violence and gentrification. She argues for calling these urgent battles by their true names, encouraging truth, action, knowledge, and acknowledgement. Called by New York Times Magazine the “voice of resistance,” Rebecca Solnit is not one to miss.

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