Book of the Week: The Heavens

The Heavens
Sandra Newman
9780802129024 | $38.95 CAD
HC | 272 pp. | Available Now
Grove/Atlantic, distributed by PGC

Love. Art. Time travel.

All this and more are to be found in Sandra Newman’s latest novel, The Heavens. Called a “strange and beautiful hybrid” in a New York Times review, this is a love story that takes place across the centuries and one woman’s dreams. While she’s in the year 2000 in New York City, she’s Kate, falling in love with a man named Ben. While she’s dreaming—or more than dreaming—of Elizabethan England, she’s Emilia, mistress of a nobleman, trying to guide the world away from possible future doom. The troubles occur as her relationship with Ben intensifies, and the lines between dreams and reality become blurred. Is she dreaming or time-travelling? Is she changing the future or destroying her present? What is real, and what is meaningful?

Hotly anticipated and called “a complex, unmissable work” in a starred Kirkus reviewThe Heavens is unlike any novel you’ve read before.

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