Book of the Week: Children of Daedala

Children of Daedala
Caighlan Smith
9781630790868 | $22.95 CAD
HC | 336 pp. | Available Now
Capstone / Switch Press

Caighlan Smith‘s action-packed series, beginning with Children of Icarus and now continuing with Children of Daedala, is an exciting new spin on the dystopian YA novel that has been immensely popular since The Hunger Games. This fast-paced series is a great read for anyone who craves something both new and familiar, with inspiration drawn from Greek mythology alongside terrifying new elements of Smith’s own creation. The protagonist is relatable in both her fear and her bravery, making her easy to root for. If you haven’t read Children of Icarus, you’ll want to do so before you dive into Children of Daedala, but you’ll be glad you didespecially as you won’t have to wait for the sequel once you finish Icarus. Trust us, you won’t want to wait a single day.

Icarus introduces us to an unnamed female protagonist/narrator who is thrust into a deadly and terrifying situation: an inescapable labyrinth full of lethal monsters, and equally threatening humans. Set in a fictional world that’s a mixture of Orwell and Ancient Greece, the narrator and a group of children are chosen to become “Icarii,” meaning they will be released into the labyrinth bordering their city where, they are told, they will become angels. Suffice to say, things turn out to be far from angelic. Truly frightening monsters and vicious fellow survivors are the crux of the conflict, but our hero manages to survivewithout escaping the labyrinthand Children of Daedala begins six months after the first book left off. In this “gruesome and gripping fantasy sequel,” (Kirkus) the narrator meets new and equally horrifying allies and opponents, and must make tough decisions about who to trust and where her priorities lie.

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