Book of the Week: Autopsy of a Boring Wife

Autopsy of a Boring Wife Marie-Renée Lavoie, trans. by Arielle Aaronson 9781487004613 | $22.95 CAD PB | 280 pp. | Available Now House of Anansi If your significant other left you and claimed you were boring, how would you react? In Autopsy of a Boring Wife, Québécois author Marie-Renée Lavoie gives us one option: prove them wrong….


Kliph Nesteroff has friends in high places. After working in comedy for eight years, he has Andy Richter, Norm Macdonald and Steve Martin chomping at the bit to read his upcoming book published by Grove/Atlantic, The Comedians. Unlike other history books dealing with celebrity in which the subjects dispute and distance themselves from the facts presented, Nesteroff…