Book of the Week: The Girlfriend

The Girlfriend
Michelle Frances
9781509887972 | $17.99 CAD
PB | 464 pp. | Available Now
Pan Macmillan (distributed by PGC)

The Girlfriend is a domestic noir thriller bursting with suspense and drama. Already a smash hit in the UK, the Sunday Mirror called it “brilliantly twisty, a sharp, sinister and addictive read.” As we all know, Britain and North America do very well together (cough-Harry-and-Meghan-cough), so it’s no surprise that this novel is taking off on our side of the pond.

Called “precise and intense,” Frances‘ debut novel is the story of a mother whose relationship with her son’s girlfriend escalates into a desperate conflict. Moral ambiguity abounds as Laura and Cherry fight to protect their loved one from the threats (real or imagined?) that the other presents. In an interview, Frances says she “really wanted to test the characters, to see how far they would go…” and the result is this rollercoaster of nail-biting action. Pick up a copy at a bookstore near you!

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