Holiday Recommendations – Margot’s Picks

Last but most certainly not least, we have Margot’s picks for the season. The holidays are coming up quickly, so don’t overthink it—let Margot do the deciding for you! Here’s what she thinks will make a good gift:

Bear and Wolf, by Daniel Salmieri
Enchanted Lion Books // 9781592702381 // $27.50
This beautiful and simple story about an unexpected friendship is illustrated in muted colours that still seem to leap off the page. Bear and Wolf observe the world around them together, before they have to part ways and continue their natural paths in life. A tale fit for Canadian winters.

We Say NO! A Child’s Guide to Resistance, by John Seven and Jana Christy
Manic D Press // 9781945665066 // $21.50
Raising a budding revolutionary? If you aren’t, all it’ll take is this charming and feisty book to have them waving flags and tearing down walls. We Say NO! is an enthusiastic call to arms, encouraging children to join the march and proclaim that when someone tries to push you down, it’s up to you to say NO to hate and YES to friendship and love!

Sisters, by Lily Tuck
Grove/Atlantic Press // 9780802127112 // $28.95
This one’s for the lover of contemplative, slightly unsettling fiction. Sisters gives us an unnamed narrator who is obsessed with the ex-wife of her current husband. Her jealousy and speculation ebb and flow as she tries to define herself and her relationship in the shadow of “her.” A quick and powerful read.

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