Holiday Recommendations – Bronte’s Picks

Gift-giving season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve got plenty of people in your life who want nothing more than a new book under the tree. Here are Bronte’s recommendations from this year’s incredible roster of reads:

The Night Lion by Sanne Dufft
Pajama Press // 9781772780413 // $17.95
A simple and beautiful story about the power of imagination, filled with soothing watercolour illustrations by German author-illustrator, Sanne Dufft. Follow Morgan as he conquers his fears using the tools in his head and heart, and a stuffed toy lion given to him by his grandmother.

Seven Fallen Feathers by Tanya Talaga
House of Anansi Press // 9781487002268 // $22.95
This year, Indigenous affairs have been more on the forefront than ever. Everyone is hungry for more Indigenous voices, and luckily for them, Tanya Talaga delivers with this investigative look at the cases of seven teens who died tragically in Thunder Bay. It’s harrowing, enlightening, and inspiring, drawing from the past to give us a picture of the present prejudices and systemic hardships faced by Indigenous Canadians. Critics and readers across the nation agree that it’s an important—even necessary—read for Canadians of all ages.

Vet Academy by Steve Martin
Kane Miller (distributed by Publishers Group Canada) // 9781610675451 // $18.95
Got a budding veterinarian in the family? This is a workbook like you’ve never seen it before. It’s full of fun and colourful crafts, puzzles, and games, designed to engage and educate young animal lovers. Other books in this entertaining series include Engineer Academy, Astronaut Academy, Scientist Academy, Architect Academyand Coder Academy. STEM-lovers unite!

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