Book of the Week: The World’s Biggest Fart

The World’s Biggest Fart

Rafael Ordonez Cuadrado, illustrated by Laure du Fay

9788494597145 | $24.50 CAD
CL | 38 pp. | Available Now
Nube Ocho, distributed by Publisher’s Group Canada


A farting contest…between animals…in the jungle.

This is the foundation for The World’s Biggest Fart, published in English and Spanish (El Pedo Más Grande del Mundo, 9788494597152) by Spanish publisher, Nube Ocho. It’s the story of an unusual contest between all the animals in the jungle—including a hippo, an elephant, a shy giraffe, a refined zebra, and the ringleader, a monkey—with a surprising ending. Called “a hoot about toots with a health lesson to boot” in a Kirkus Review,  Cuadrado’s flatulent fiction strikes the right balance between the kind of nonsense that kids love and the gentle lessons that grown-ups value. We happen to know of a few librarians who are already delighted with this story, so get it into your little one’s paws and let the silliness begin!

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