Book of the Week: Francesca Sanna’s The Journey, Read by Trudeau


The Journey
Francesca Sanna
9781909263994 | $25.95 CAN
HC | 48 Pages | Available Now
Flying Eye Books
Distributed by Publishers Group Canada

The Journey is a beautifully illustrated book with haunting echoes of the current refugee crisis. It explores the unimaginable decisions made by a family as they leave their home and everything they know to escape the turmoil and tragedy brought on by war. The story is sure to stay with you long after the last page is turned.

The book has received rave media reviews, including a starred review from Publishers Weekly,  but perhaps it’s greatest praise came recently, with a letter to author Francesca Sanna from none other than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He had this to say of the book:

Dear Ms. Sanna,

Thank you for writing The Journey. Your book was kindly forwarded to my office by Publishers Group Canada.

The gift is a very thoughtful gesture. Our government is ready to help those who are coming from war-torn areas and will continue admitting more people throughout our mandate.

Thank you again for the book. I encourage you to continue to write about topics that positively impact people around the world.

Please accept my warmest regards.

Justin Trudeau

The Journey is a book that aims to put a face to wave of migrants that are represented daily in the media. The story ends with a message of hope. Perfect for the whole family, it will help the whole family understand the refugee experience.

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