In the follow up to Bad Pirate (May 2015, Pajama Press), Augusta Garrick is yet again out to prove that a pirate can be anything she wants. The sea pup is still under pressure to fit in, this time by abandoning her love for fancy things. After all, says her father the captain, a good pirate must be rotten, sneaky, and brainy. But is there really any reason a fancy pirate can’t be just as ingenious as a rotten one?


While her crew mates are being held captive by a band of mangy cats, Augusta uses her charm to break them free and save the day, all while dolled up in her pirated finery. The results are satisfying,  and show little readers that that the way someone looks doesn’t always dictate the way they act.

Peppered with Kari-Lynn Winters’ punchy pirate speech, and lushly illustrated by Dean Griffiths (who has a knack for telling stories within stories using just the slightly brushstroke), this is a treasure for anyone who knows you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 5.51.48 PM


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Good Pirate

by Kari-Lynn Winters & illustrated by Dean Griffiths


Pajama Press

Juvenile Fiction / Action & Adventure – Pirates / Animals – Dogs / Humorous Stories

HC | $19.95 | Available April 15th

Order from the University of Toronto Press

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