Sweet, simkissple, and sized just right for little hands, Kiss, Kiss is great for storytime snuggling around the love-liest holiday of the year.

In musical language translated from Jennifer Couëlle’s sublime French text, this book celebrates the sweet gesture as a small child experiences it: in a parent’s snug goodnight, a baby’s sticky smooch, and a healing touch on a scraped knee. Jacque Laplante’s bright illustrations match liveliness with tenderness, delineating a charming love-filled world in deceptively childlike strokes. Matching end papers wrap it all up with a big red bow.

Not so sappy that it will give readers cavities, Kiss, Kiss will add a soupçon of sweetness to Valentine’s Day– or any day of the year.

A kiss on the ear, a kiss on the nose

Tickles you down to the tips of your toes

A lovely, magical gift for wee ones ages 3-6, Kiss, Kiss can’t be missed.


Kiss, Kiss by Jennifer Couëlle, illustrated by Jacques Laplante & translated by Karen Simon


Hardcover, $14.95

Pajama Press

Available now!

Order from the University of Toronto Press

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