The ninth instalment in the ever popular Ava Lee detective series, picks right up where readers were left off in The King of Shanghai. Back in Shanghai again after her introduction to the Triad Societies and the gang warfare that ensued, Ava is trying to maintain a lower profile.

Attending a glitzy fashion gala with her friend Xu shouldn’t become another high-stakes case, but after a few drinks Xu reveals that the Tsai family is trying to force the Triads back in to the drug business. The Tsais aren’t to be underestimated, either: headed by the governor of Jiangsu Province and a member of China’s power elite known as “the Princeling”, they have immense power and influence and are threatening to run Xu and his family in to the ground.

Ava sets out to help Xu deter the Tsai family. As she digs into the breadth and depth of the family’s wealth and corruption, she gets caught up in a huge tangled web, extending all the way to the U.S. and the U.K., where it reaches the top echelons of political power. Just like its predecessors, The Princeling of Nanjing is a globe-trotting, hard-boiled thrill of a read that is impossible to put down.

Ava is one of the best detectives out there: smart, sassy, Toronto-based, and a refreshing punch of diversity in the genre. If you’ve already been following her, be sure to pick this latest chapter in her adventures– if not, The Water Rat of Wanchai is the place to start.


The Princeling of Nanjing by Ian Hamilton


Paperback, $19.95

House of Anansi Press

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