New this fall tjono the English language market, the Super Agent Jon Le Bon graphic novel series currently has 300,000 copies in print in Quebec. Already a huge hit amongst young Francophone readers, this quirky and kooky series promises to be a hit amongst kids drawn to bold graphics, funky colours and offbeat situations.

Author and illustrator Alex A. was inspired to create this series after a lifelong fascination with spy movies and stories full of international intrigue and mystery. Jon le Bon is far from a kiddie version of Bond, James Bond, though as Alex A. also cites “all that exists but especially all that doesn’t exist but lives in my imagination”as the main source of his imagination, a mantra that kids can totally relate to.

The premise is catchy: amidst a world filled with dangerous criminals, terrorists and government conspiracies, stands the Agency – an ultra secret organization who’s mission is to protect the innocent and safeguard the World. This legendary organization brings together the greatest minds, the most talented agents and cutting edge technologies. However, something unusual is about to happen : a brilliant new recruit with unusual methods is about to join the Agency. His name : Jon Le Bon. Because of his innocence and fearlessness, Jon Le Bon gets himself in all sorts of trouble – but there’s nothing he can’t handle with a little help from his friends.formulav

The first two books in the series are currently available– Jon Le Bon: The Brain of the Apocalypse and Jon Le Bon: Formula V, with an animated television series to launch next year. Get in on the ground level and order both today. Series are perennially popular with young readers (and are a no-brainer for parents looking to keep the reading ball rolling), as are graphic novels. Smart looking counter and floor displays are also available for bulk orders.


Secret Agent Jon Le Bon: The Brain of the Apocalypse by Alex A.

9782897511661 | PB | $12.95

Super Agent Jon Le Bon: Formula V by Alex A.

9782897511685 | PB | $12.95

Les Publications Modus Vivendi Inc./ Adventure Press

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