sinsPan Macmillan has a NEW bestseller this week! The Sins of the Mother by Irene Kelly follows in the footsteps of previous misery memoirs such as 2013’s My Secret Sister (9781447228875) and the Globe and Mail bestselling The Midwife’s Sister (9781447282648). This genre continues to knock it out of the park and hit readers right in the feels! Consider these books modern day Oliver Twists.

The Sins of the Mother is the autobiographical story of Irene Kelly, who, as a child in 1950s Dublin was abused and neglected by her birth family and eventually found herself in an industrial orphanage. Her experiences there weren’t much better, as she was beaten, and sexually abused. Set to work in the nursery, she saw the nuns treat the babies with horrifying cruelty.

As an adult those experiences haunted Irene. When she fell in love with Matt, who was fighting his own demons, and they moved to England for a new start. They wanted their daughter Jennifer to have a better life, but in trying to protect her by hiding their past they only succeeded in pushing her away. Until, one day, Irene had a phone call from Ireland that changed everything…

Sins of the Mother is a powerful and inspiring story of a family whose love was tested but never broken, who finally found the strength to heal the past. Not for the faint of heart, this story isn’t to be missed by those who appreciate great storytelling and a bit of heartbreak every now and again.

Sins of the Mother

Irene Kelley


Pan Macmillan

Biography/Personal Memoirs

Available now!

Paperback, $19.99

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