Richard Van Camp is the whole package: a critical darling who is also beloved amongst readers and booksellers. His 1996 novel, The Lesser Blessed was a critically acclaimed coming of age story about Larry, a member of Dogrib (Ticho) Nation living in the Northwest Territories years after he murders his sexually abusive father. Now entering high school, Larry has to deal with his past as well as negotiating his Native ancestry in a modern world. The book and subsequent film resonated with both Canadians and other alienated peoples around the world, and made him an internationally beloved storyteller and bestselling author.

Since then, he’s broadened his creative output, and now has a graphic novel, baby books, a handful of collections of short stories, and a personal favourite, the storybook What’s the Most Beautiful Thing You Know About Horses? under his belt. His famous fans include the legendary Tomson Highway who said “[his is] an original voice from the true north strong and free.”

Night Moves, his latest collection of short stories, published earlier this month by Enfield and Wizenty (an imprint of Great Plains Publications, an independent publisher based in Winnipeg, Manitoba) is hotly anticipated. It’s already receiving great reviews from Rabble, News/North, The Winnipeg Free Press and just about anyone who’s had the privilege of reading an ARC.

Night Moves continues to explore the incredible lives of indigenous characters introduced in The Lesser Blessed. A window into the magic and medicine of the Northwest Territories, Richard Van Camp’s fourth short story collection is hilarious and heartbreaking: a teenaged boy confesses to a vicious assault on a cross-dressing classmate; Lance tells the sensual story of becoming much closer to his wife’s dear friend Juanita; while a reluctant giant catches up with gangsters Torchy and Sfen in a story with shades of supernatural and earthly menace. If this is your first time to Fort Simmer and Fort Smith, welcome. If it’s another visit – come on in: we’ve left the lights on for you.

Night Moves

Richard Van Camp


Enfield and Wizenty, Great Plains Publications

Fiction/Short Stories

Available now!

Paperback, $19.95

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