9781487000356_1024x1024For six years, Quebecois pop sensation Marilou struggled with a crippling eating disorder that began to take a detrimental toll on her health, her career and her relationships.  Then she met Alexandre, her photographer and now husband, who advised her that food is to be enjoyed, not feared, and that she need only eat three times a day. Although Marilou’s approach to rehabilitating her anorexia may not work for all, it is certainly an inspiring story and has become an even more gorgeous cookbook.

The recipes are born from a blog (Trois Fois Pour Jour in French) that received more than 3500 views on its launch day and now 450,000 unique page views per month, as well as a French edition of the cookbook that sold more than 200,000 copies in Quebec. Now available for the first time in English from the venerable House of Anansi Press (who is expanding their lifestyle category), Three Times a Day is a treat for the senses.

creme-de-poivrons-poire-deux-fromages-261 MThere is a little something for everyone– most recipes have both a vegetarian and vegan version. The instructions and ingredients are simple and don’t require a PhD to pronounce and procure.This also isn’t another culinary craze– it is simple, honest to goodness food with a pinch of French sophistication. And, though the title suggests you need only choose three of these recipes per day, you’ll be hard pressed to make that decision since there are appetizers, side dishes, soups and salads, main and desserts aplenty in these 256 pages.

Canard confit sur portobello M

The book is also beautifully packaged and photographed, with many pages resembling spreads from the ever gorgeous lifestyle magazine, Kinfolk. The food is vibrantly coloured, beautifully styled, and set against rustic backdrops. Tattoos peek out of shirt sleeves and soups are served in Weck canning jars, making this a perfect gift for the cook who already has Heritage  by Sean Brock and Peter Frank Edwards, and who would love to spend a day off in the kitchen with Chuck Hughes. Three Times a Day does all of this with ease and grace, never taking itself too seriously. It is, quite simply a delicious addition to any home cook’s collection.

Three Times a Daysandwichs-la-creme-glacee-717 M

Marilou & Alexandre Champagne


House of Anansi Press

Cooking/General/Health & Healing

Available October 10, 2015

Hardcover, $34.95

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