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Meet the man behind the Detective Superintendent Roy Grace books, one of the preeminent crime thriller series in the world. The books, available now from PGC/Raincoast are set in Brighton, UK, the same colourful and charming seaside city that reared Peter James. Having sold a combined 16 million copies worldwide, we are very excited to add Peter James to our roster of writers, and designate him our author of the week!

James’s writing career began in the early 1980’s, with a novel dead lettercalled Dead Letter Drop that combined espionage, double agents and air travel in a rollicking good ride. In the 90s, Penguin Canada released his novel, Host, both in paperback format, and saved to two floppy discs, making it the first ebook ever. The discs now reside at the United States Science Museum.

His skill for writing atmospheric, fast paced and visually engrossing novels comes from his time spent as a film writer, director and producer. He worked with some of the best in British 60s and 70s cinema, and later moved to Canada where he worked on Polka Dot Door (yes, that Polka Dot Door). Genre writing is his real forte, these days favouring spy and supernatural thrillers to spotty puppets.

This fall and winter marks the release of three new Peter James books: You Are Dead, Twist the Knife and House on Cold Hill. 

youaredeadYou Are Dead (9781447255796, A-Format Mass Market, October), tells the chilling tale of a series of disappearances that are coupled with the discovery of a body long since missing. At first Roy Grace doesn’t believe the events are connected, but when Logan Summerfield vanishes without a trace, and the remains of a woman missing for 30 years is unearthed during the excavation of a new building, he begins to connect the dots.

A Twist of the Knife (9781447294054, A-Format Mass Market, now available and twist9781447212102, B-Format Paperback, October) is the first ever collection of short fiction by Peter James. The tales range from the strange and suspenseful, to the supernatural. Compiled from his two previous ebook collections Short Shockers One and Short Shockers Two, and sprinkled with new material, this book is perfect for both the die-hard Peter James fan as well as anyone new to his work.

coldhillFinally, The House on Cold Hill (9781447255901, Hardcover, October and 9781447290674, C-Format Paperback, October), promises to be a real Hallowe’en treat. This chilling ghost story follows the Harcourt family as they move to the countryside and into a huge, dilapidated Georgian mansion. They are filled with excitement, until strange things begin to happen. At first it is only a friend of the Harcourt’s daught, talking to her on Facetime, who sees a spectral woman standing behind her. Then there are more sightings of her, as well as increasingly disturbing occurrences in the house. Two weeks after moving in, Mrs. Harcourt, out in the garden, is startled to see faces staring out of an upstairs window of the house. The window of a room which holds the secret to the house’s dark history… a room which does not appear to exist…

For a complete listing of all Peter James’s books, click here. As always, be in touch with any questions or sample requests you may have.

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