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Meet your next summer reading recommendation, My Secret Sister, a top ten bestseller since its original publication in 2013. More than 4000 copies were sold last week alone!

This is a powerful story of two sisters, Helen and Jenny, separated at birth, one abused, the other loved and adopted, and their search to understand their past. Neither woman knew of the other’s existence until, in her fifties, Jenny went looking for her birth family and found her sister Helen.

This discovery launched an avalanche of other revelations including previously unknown details about Jenny’s birth – and further uncovered a legacy of secrets that overturned everything Helen thought she knew about her family. Happily, they also discovered that they were not just sisters, they were twins. Shortly after their reunion in an interview with The Guardian, Helen remarks that “I went from being 62 to being nearly 64 in the blink of an eye…All my life I’d been reading the wrong horoscope. I thought I was Aries … when in fact I’m Sagittarius!”

Inspirational and moving, this is the story of two women brave enough to confront their past, and strong enough to let love not bitterness define them. Available for order now from Raincoast Books.

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